• Proprietary blend of surfactants and 16 enzymes
  • Virtually eliminates surface tension
  • Significantly reduces viscosity
  • Small molecular size
  • Controlled blend of vehicle and active ingredients
  • Homogenous – ensuring consistent, even penetration
  • ISO Certified material suppliers ensures quality.

Effectively sealing concrete with any silicate based material is directly proportional to not only how deep the sealer penetrates, but more importantly, how efficiently the sealer penetrates. The active ingredient of the sealer must access as much of the latent free lime and alkali within the concrete as possible. The resultant chemical reaction permanently seals the hairline cracks, pores and fissures and even the interstitial spaces within the concrete.

The more efficiently the sealer penetrates, the better the seal.

Seal-A-Crete typical penetration in 32mpa concrete (with florescent dye added)

The chemical reaction between Seal-A-Crete and the calcium hydroxide within the concrete creates a new compound called calcium silicate hydrate. This is the same material the gives the concrete matrix its strength in the first place. Not only does Seal-A-Crete seal the concrete – it also strengthens the concrete.

Most other so-called ‘deep penetrating’ sealers are anything but. They simply penetrate the surface where they quickly and only partially react with the calcium hydroxide present at that level. Most of the unreacted material simply sits atop the surface where it is quickly worn away; or, when exposed to moisture it reverts back to a liquid, rendering it useless as a moisture barrier.

Seal-A-Crete penetrates to permanently seal and strengthen concrete.