Product Category 1

Seal-a-Crete is an alkali activated chemical moisture barrier. The ultimate for waterproofing, hardening, dustproofing and preserving new or old concrete. Stops mould and mildew, stops urine ingress. Environment and user friendly.
Seal-A-Crete Primer
SEAL-A-CRETE PRIMER is a colourless, non-toxic, nonflammable, low viscosity, spray applied liquid formulation that adds alkali to porous substrates such as concrete block, or shotcrete concrete prior to applications of SEAL-A-CRETE or SEAL-A- CRETE PLUS.
Seal-A-Crete Top Coat
TOP COAT is a water based acrylic seal designed for use on concrete, terrazzo, ceramics and other porous earthen materials. It can be used internally or externally in domestic, commercial or light industrial applications.
Surface Shield (Brick and Masonry Sealer)
Surface Shield protects and preserves concrete, masonry, render and brick. Clear organ silicon polymer which is water and stain repellant.