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Surface Shield (Brick and Masonry Sealer)

Surface Shield protects and preserves concrete, masonry, render and brick. Clear organ silicon polymer which is water and stain repellant.

Surface Shield is specially formulated to protect above grade masonry against absorption of water and stains. The silicon polymers contained in Surface Shield are chemically compatible with (and become a component part of) the surface of stone, brick, block or concrete. As Surface Shield penetrates deeply into the pores of the masonry surfaces, it undergoes a chemical reaction with the moisture and carbon dioxide it contains to form a stable, highly water stain and acid resistant barrier which dries in 24 hours.

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Seal-A-Crete Surface Shield

Download a PDF brochure about Surface Shield (Masonry and Brick Sealer).

Download a PDF brochure about the Advantages of Surface Shield (Masonry and Brick Sealer).

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