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Seal-a-Crete is an alkali activated chemical moisture barrier. The ultimate for waterproofing, hardening, dustproofing and preserving new or old concrete. Stops mould and mildew, stops urine ingress. Environment and user friendly.

SEAL-A-CRETE provides a unique barrier for water proofing concrete and dense cementitious masonry products. Whereas most other waterproofing products develop only a surface coating, SEAL-A-CRETE is designed to penetrate deeply (up to 8 inches) where it becomes an integral part of the concrete. SEAL-A- CRETE is a water based, internal waterproofing system which contains the same inorganics present in concrete. A proprietary wetting agent composed of sixteen enzymes remarkably reduces the liquid’s surface tension, which enables the SEAL-A-CRETE to penetrate deeply into the small pore diameters and hairline cracks. This filling of all the inter-connected pores and fissures stops liquid transmission by the formation of a gel within the pores and interstitial spaces within the first 72 hours after the SEAL- A-CRETE application. This gel swells in the presence of moisture and prevents the passage of water and other liquids under hydrostatic pressure.

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Download a PDF brochure about Seal-a-Crete, a penetrating permanent concrete sealer.

Download the Material Safety Data Sheet for Seal-a-Crete, a penetrating permanent concrete sealer.